What We Do

FEED MY PEEPS is a faith-based organization which started in St. Louis, Missouri in 2012.  We expanded to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC in 2015 until 2017.  We grew to Northern California in 2018 when Tracey accepted a position at Oroville Hospital.  

The outreach efforts in the St. Louis Metro Area include picking up  fresh food from private schools, restaurants, caterers, markets and local farmers.  We distribute this food to numerous small, worthy groups.  We serve families with limited resources, soup kitchens, at risk teens, foster families, a special needs group home and our homeless friends.  We’re passionate that nothing goes to waste.  We’re blessed to slice our pie generously to others.  

We host weekly outreach events serving our communities.  Please contact Jacki at 314-452-8578 for volunteer opportunities in the St. Louis Metro Area and Northern California.