FEED MY PEEPS is a faith-based 501(c)3 organization which serves in the Metro St. Louis Metro Area and Northern California.

We pick up fresh food donated by private schools, restaurants, caterers, markets and local farmers.  We distribute to numerous small, worthy groups that often don’t get a piece of the pie.  We serve foster families, homeless friends, at risk teens, group homes, soup kitchens and families with limited resources.  FEED MY PEEPS operates by your donations.  We do not have a paid staff or administration fees.  100% offerings are applied to the organization’s needs.

We are a food broker for God.  We are passionate that everyone has an opportunity to eat fresh and nutritious food.  The Culinary Community and Farmers have embraced the efforts of FEED MY PEEPS making this little ministry a mighty movement.

FEED MY PEEPS also hosts weekly outreach opportunities.  We distribute clean jeans, shirts, coats, hoodies, shoes, underwear, socks, blankets and toiletry items.  We serve our homeless friends with dignity and love.  We offer a hand up not a hand out.

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